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Color Curious

4.9 ( 2459 ratings )
Diensten Foto en video
Developer: Vais Salikhov
0.99 USD

Ever looked at something and wandered what color it is? Want to know what name best describes the color you see - or the color you cannot see due to color blindness? Whether you are simply curious, or truly unable to perceive differences between certain colors, Color Curious is for you - it is a simple app designed to answer a simple question: "What color is it?"

❝99-cent gem❞ - Softpedia
❝Color Curious is the kind of straight-forward, does what it says app we like so much.❞ - The Digital Lifestyle 
❝★★★★★❞ - Apps Patrol

How does it work?

Take a photo with your camera or pick one from the photo albums on your device (including saved photos from Web pages and emails). With the photo loaded into Color Curious, you are free to explore it to any depth using standard gestures such as scrolling to position the image and pinching/double-tapping to zoom in and out. Crosshairs in the center of the screen mark the point at which color names are reported instantly, in real time, as you explore the image.

What kind of color names does it use?

Color Curious uses a standard set of color terms based on the NBS/ISCC system - idiosyncratic, meaningless color names are not used. Color space is divided into fifteen distinct hues such as "yellow", "greenish yellow", "yellowish green", etc. For each hue, degrees of saturation and brightness are specified by modifiers such as "vivid", "dark", "pale", etc. The system produces color names that are meaningful and understandable without requiring additional reference, such as color charts or samples.

What makes Color Curious different from similar apps?

Picking colors by touching the area of interest directly is not optimal because the finger tends to obscure the view, so you never know exactly where on the image you touched. Color Curious does not have this problem, so you can always see precisely, down to the pixel, where on the image the color name comes from, while enjoying a fully interactive, explorative experience.

Other design features of Color Curious you will enjoy:

✪ Absolute simplicity.
✪ The photo is "king" of the interface - there are no toolbars, menus, or buttons to reduce the viewing area, and the few controls that are absolutely necessary are transparently overlayed on top of the image.
✪ Lightning-fast, real-time color name identification for instant gratification.

Enjoy the world of colors around you - explore it with Color Curious!